Goals & Membership


Membership will be available for owners of professional, established mystery shopping/service evaluation companies and associated fields. Applicants must be able to demonstrate they maintain an active and up-and-running company that serves clients and contracts with mystery shoppers.

Prospective members must be in the mystery shopping business for a period of at least 1 year, preferably 2 years, and will be required to give the names of three clients to serve as references.

Prospective members will be interviewed by three Members who will assess the professionalism and verify the business activity of the applicant.

The final decision to offer membership to a prospective member rests with the Executive Committee and will be made on an individual basis.

New member dues will be pro-rated for the remaining part of the year. Dues will be due and payable within 10 business days of acceptance to the Association.

Guidelines and Expectations for Members

IASE is an organization built on mutual support of members for one another and willing contributions from all members. Members are expected to play an active role in furthering the goals of the organization and sharing the effort of making it a productive, rewarding association for everyone who is a part of it.

Please read the following guidelines and expectations before applying for membership.

The members and the Executive Board may, at their discretion, require a company to resign from membership in the organization for lack of participation and failure to meet the guidelines and expectations as defined in this document. Membership requires a commitment to these principles and actions.


  1. All members will conduct themselves and their business activities in a professional manner that reflects positively on the Association and the mystery shopping/service evaluation industry.
  2. All members agree to promote high ethical standards in the service evaluation industry.
  3. All members will agree to support one another by sharing knowledge and information that will help us conduct business in a more efficient and profitable manner and improve the quality of the reports we produce for our clients. This means sharing shopper resources, procedures, forms, and other tools when you are able to do so. Members should feel free not to disclose any information which they deem confidential.
  4. All members agree to keep shared information confidential. Members who receive information from other members will not make that information available to non-members.
  5. All members agree to refrain from using information gained through their IASE membership to actively compete with one another. When members find themselves in a competitive situation with another member, they are obligated to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any conflicts need to be documented, discussed, and resolved amicably.
  6. All members agree to take an active interest in issues affecting the organization and respond to inquiries from the Executive Board about organizational matters promptly and completely. Members are free to express concerns or disagreement with any action taken on their behalf of IASE by the Executive Board by writing directly to the Board Members.
  7. All members will contribute an article for the newsletter once during the year. The Communications Director will work with the member to set the schedule for Contributions and review the topic proposed.
  8. All members are expected to attend and make a presentation to other members at conferences at least every two years. This is our association's main information sharing activity. These required presentations help all of us to become better professionals.
  9. All members will receive a bill in December and pay for the coming year in December or January. Dues may be paid in December of that year, but are due by January 31st of the "due" year.

Benefits of Membership:

All members will receive the following benefits:


  • Communications from the Executive Board
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Invitation to and participation in annual conference
  • Collegiality, networking, mentoring and information sharing
  • Listing on the IASE website
  • Use of IASE logo on correspondence and other communications
  • Eligibility to hold office on the Executive Board of IASE
  • Voting rights on issues affecting the structure, goals, and guidelines of the association

Financial By Laws

Dues will be billed in December each year for the upcoming year. For example, 2008 dues will be due by January 31, 2008, from all members. However, members wishing to pay in 2007 may do so.

New members throughout the year will have a prorated fee for the remaining part of the current year.

The Financial Officer will keep accurate accounting of all monies and report annually to the membership.

Member dues, as of December 1, 2014, for the 2015 calendar year are $250.00.